5 Lifestyle Changes that Could Prevent 80% of Heart Attacks


Adopt these 5 “low-risk” behaviours to help reduce your chances of heart attack.

Here are 5 Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Choose a healthy diet – eat freshly prepared wholefoods including clean protein, good fats, high fibre vegetables, seeds & nuts, legumes, lentils and eggs; avoid refined, processed choices.
  2. Be physically active – choose to exercise each day for at least 30 mins. Include a range of activities from weight training, to interval training (HIIT), to yoga/Pilates and walking. Find something you enjoy!
  3. Create a healthy waist circumference – less than 92cm for men and 80cm for women. VAT (Visceral Adipose Tissue) is the fat deposited around the waistline. This is dangerous for our health as it can result in fatty organs such as fatty liver and fatty pancreas.
  4. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  5. Quit smoking.

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