Burn fat while you sleep.


Sounds like a gimmick? It isn’t.

No pills needed. You can quite literally put yourself in a position to burn more fat while you are at rest.

Lean muscle tissue is the key to burning fat. Our muscle tissue acts like a furnace. The more we have, the greater our ability to burn fat and keep our fat permanently low.  With the right nutrients at the right times of day and the right weight bearing exercise, you can add muscle tone and strength.

Don’t be afraid of muscle, it gives our bodies our healthy shape. Both men and women need to lift weights for good health and to build up their muscle stores. Because of higher testosterone levels, men can acquire muscle more easily than women, but both need to constantly be working on adding more.  If we have a higher fat to muscle ratio (more fat, less muscle), we are very good at storing body fat. This is not what we want.

Building muscle also builds our bone density and keeps our posture strong. Nothing ages a person more than wasting muscles, stooped posture & an inability to lift even moderately heavy items.

To lose body fat we need to gain muscle and keep it long-term. Forget all about diets, calorie counting and skipping meals and start consuming balanced meals, that allow fat burning and muscle growth.

Feed your body back to good health, rather than starve it.

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