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Finding it hard to get to sleep at night?

Try a simple breathing exercise and you could be asleep in 60 seconds! For the "4-7-8 Method", follow these easy steps: 1) Lie in bed on your back, legs out-stretched and arms by your sides. 2) Close eyes gently & relax. 3) Take…

6 Tips to prevent colds & flu this winter!

Say No to Cold and Flu this Winter! Here are the 6 easy steps you can take as insurance against coughs, colds & flu this winter: 1) Vitamin C - a potent antioxidant that mobilises your immune function - found in citrus fruits &…
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Daily Stress Management Tips for the Daily Routine

Stress is a natural, evolutionary body response. We instinctively react to stress in life with a fight, flight or freeze type of reaction. It may be an acute stressful event, such as an exam or public speaking, or it may be the ongoing challenge…