Contemplating a junk food binge?


You might want to consider the exercise that’s needed to burn off the kilojoules gained by the brief binge!

For instance:

1) Can of coke = 55 mins brisk walking to burn 240 cals (1000kj)

2) Krispy Kreme glazed donut = mow lawn or swim vigorously for about 26 mins to burn 190 cals (795kj)

3) One slice pepperoni pizza = 30 min hard bike ride or one hour of pacy ballroom dancing to burn 324 cals (1356kj)

4) Small chocolate bar (45g) = 52 min run or 30 min hard stair or uphill climb to burn 210 cals (880kj)

5) Sweetened cereal plus milk = 35 min brisk walk to burn 150 cals (628 kj)

6) Chai latte with cream = 40 min swim or 30 min hard bike ride or 1 hour weight training to burn 380 cals (1590kj)

7) One iced cup cake = 1 hour run or 50 mins hard hill hiking to burn 248 cals (1038kj)

8) Standard glass red wine = 12 mins very intense skipping to burn 125 cals (523kj)

9) Potato chips (15) = 12 mins brisk skipping to burn 160 cals (670kj)

10) Gatorade = 20 mins basketball or interval training with intensity to burn 158 cals (660kj).

Think of the effort needed in exercise before you exercise your jaws!

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