Crank Up Your Metabolism!


Eat and exercise right and speed up your metabolism now!

One reason people tend to gain weight as they age is because their metabolism slows down dramatically, often due to poor lifestyle choices. Eg. less exercise, overeating, eating too few meals, or eating too many refined processed carbohydrates. Other reasons may include: taking certain medications, hormonal imbalances and toxic overload.

We do have the ability to make a difference to our metabolic rate. It all starts with eating the right food choices at the right time of day and also, eating enough. Exercise is also a necessary part of the plan. Weight training is one of the most effective ways of cranking up your metabolism.

When a person begins to burn body fat and lose weight, toxins in their fat stores are mobilised and will often dampen down the process of fat burning. By removing the toxins during weight loss, the metabolism stays fired up and you will continue to lose body fat. My weight loss programs do address this toxin release, so that the individual is less likely to experience a weight loss plateau.

When all of the factors above are taken into consideration, the individual will maximise the amount of weight they lose, while becoming a better fat burner and increasing their metabolism!

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