Fat versus Muscle – What you need to know!


Weight loss is not all about your weight on a set of scales. It’s about understanding your body composition, ie. what percentage of your body is muscle and how much is fat? This muscle to fat ratio determines just how healthy and balanced your body really is. The more muscle you have, the easier it is to burn body fat and the healthier you are.

As you can see, fat occupies more space than muscle – 5 lbs of fat is a larger mass than 5 lbs of muscle. So if you build muscle (add muscle tone) and reduce body fat (burn & lose fat), your size decreases. To add muscle, we need the right nutrients & weight bearing exercise.

I can perform a Cell Health Test which measures your muscle mass, body fat & fat to muscle ratio (and much more). This bioimpedance test reveals your ideal amount of muscle & body fat for optimal health and I can help you achieve your weight loss goals with my customised approach to weight loss.

Love your muscle and learn how to burn fat efficiently!

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