There are a number of things that a couple keep in mind as pregnancy is a delicate thing. As a parent to be it is important to keep a few things in mind to get a perfectly healthy baby. Mostly with the first kid parents face a lot of dilemmas in a number of small things such as what diet to follow, what not to eat, exercise, vitamin & mineral intake, etc. All these things play a vital role in the caretaking of the expected mother.

When planning for pregnancy, the health of both partners is of great importance. At the time of conception, producing healthy sperm and eggs will give your child the best possible start in life.

Pregnancy is one such thing that you cannot even think to afford a risk therefore, every small thing must be taken care of. For your betterment you can take the guidance of a professional who can guide you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for both the parents from conceiving to the delivery of the baby.

For the same you can enroll yourself in this pregnancy program  that can provide you with the all the needed services     

Pregnancy Care Program includes:

  • 5 consultations
  • Healthy nutritional plan with guidelines
  • Foods to avoid or limit during pregnancy
  • Recommendations for extra nutrients for each trimester
  • Diet & lifestyle tips for healthy pregnancy