Stress (or a very busy lifestyle) affects everyone differently. Learn to de-stress, relax and rediscover a calmer you!

With the busy life that people have it is tough to maintain or take care of your health whether it is physical or mental. But we can see people at least care about the physical and health and try their level best to maintain it and mental health always get overshadowed. But the impact your mental sickness cause on your overall health is radical and this is why it is important to diagnose the mental illness and get professional help for the same.

One of the most common mental sickness is Stress. It is something that every second person is prone with. From teenagers to adults anyone can be a patient of such a mental sickness. To get relief from stress one can get in touch with medical professional and enroll in programs that can provide the required help.

This is one such helpful program that can get you out of stress.

About Stress Less Program

This program will help you:

  • Recognise the drivers of your stress
  • Identify how you respond to stress & trauma
  • Learn ways to better deal with the stress-response
  • Understand nutritionally what your body needs to achieve more balance & reduce stress

Program includes:

  • 5 consultations
  • Personalised treatment plan with recommendations for nutritional support
  • Cellular Health Analysis at each visit, to track health improvement
  • Stress-busting lifestyle tips