Puzzled by Weight Loss?


Our ability to lose weight is not just about what we eat and how much exercise we manage to squeeze in on a daily basis. These are only 2 pieces of a more complex puzzle.
Sleep and stress are often overlooked and yet they are absolutely critical for optimal health. But neither contain calories, so why do they make it hard for us to lose weight?
Poor sleep results in fatigue, low energy, mood & irritability, and can boost sugar cravings and emotional eating. Parents of a newborn baby will identify with this experience.
Unmanaged stress leads to poorer sleep patterns, because chemical changes (or hormonal imbalances) can occur within, which prevent us from falling to sleep easily & can contribute to wakefulness through the night, as well as weight gain.
Our best recovery time is during restful sleep, ideally 7-8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep, allowing our bodies the chance to re-cooperate, repair and rejuvenate. When this does not happen we are running on empty, which results in widespread inflammation, adrenal fatigue and weight gain as our bodies strive to store body fat through this stressful period. Stress also impairs the rejuvenation process and can affect thyroid function and result in depression and anxiety.
Prioritising improved sleep and reducing stress are as vital as your daily intake of water, when it comes to balancing and optimising your health. “Drink” up!

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