Spot the Differences!


The black & white image is a street scene from early 1900. The colour picture shows a scene from the year 2000.

Can you spot the difference?

Apart from the fashions, I hope you can see that the images reflect  differences in lifestyle. In 1900, food was mainly grown in the backyard, organically. There were no take-away outlets, no severe sugar addictions, no processed & refined foods, and meals were mostly home-cooked.

By the 2000’s, we have progressed to a lifestyle of overindulgence. Food is available 24/7. We buy processed, refined food from supermarkets – genetically modified or gas ripened or stored for very long periods of time. Junk food and take-aways are well marketed, cheap & readily available. Sugar addictions are common. Waistlines have altered markedly.

Where will we be in another hundred years on this current trajectory?


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