The #1 Reason Most Diets Fail


The #1 reason that diets fail is that they do not recognise the importance of balancing blood sugar levels, even in healthy individuals. You don’t have to be a diabetic to have a faulty insulin mechanism, that can affect your sugar or glucose metabolism.

Important reasons for stabilizing your blood sugar levels:

  1. When blood sugar levels are balanced you do not crave sweet, refined, processed carbohydrates (or savoury ones). This reduces the likelihood of binge eating.
  2. When blood sugar is balanced, we can avoid the highs and lows of energy, eg. elevated blood sugar can provide a brief energy boost, while low blood sugar can leave you fatigued and depleted.
  3. If blood sugar is unbalanced, it’s possible to overeat and still feel hungry.
  4. Specific nutritional supplements can support the body and help rebalance blood sugar levels, and should be part of a customised weight loss program.
  5. Unless the blood sugar roller coaster issue is addressed, it can be an almost impossible task to lose body fat.

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