To Defeat Stress, Eat What’s Best!


Here are 5 great foods to help you de-stress:

  1. Avocado – rich in glutathione which blocks your gut from absorbing bad fats, that cause oxidative damage. Also high in folate, good fats and potassium to help stabilise blood pressure.
  2. Berries – contain high levels of a particular antioxidant (anthocyanin) which helps improve cognition and slows ageing.
  3. Red capsicum – contains almost double the amount of vitamin C, of an orange. This vitamin helps people recover from stress and heal more readily.
  4. Salmon – the omega-3’s in this fish help to reduce levels of anxiety quite significantly.
  5. Spinach – contains high amounts of magnesium. Low levels of magnesium increase our risk of depression. Magnesium and folate in spinach will help you keep your head on straight when stressors come knocking!

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