Merridy Casson

Experienced Naturopath Adelaide

Weight Loss Specialist

Achieving your desired weight involves much more than just burning more calories than you are eating. Make no mistake, calorie counting does not work. Better health and wellbeing, including an ideal body weight comes from eating good quality food. 

Write your weight loss story with a customised program today!

Skin Expert

Skin conditions require much more than creams and lotions to resolve.  They often reflect a number of other issues such as food intolerances, inflamed and dysfunctional gut, histamine sensitivity and mood disturbances.

You can heal your skin!

Sleep Program

After over 20 years of clinical practice, Merridy devised a 10-Day Sleep Reset Program. Most of us are impacted at some point in our lives by sleep deprivation. For example, new parents, stressed workers, students, athletes and busy people feel the effects of poor sleep.

You can reset your circadian rhythym and feel much better in days!

Allergy Specialist

Do you suffer food intolerances, mould toxins or pollen and grass allergies?

Taking antihistamines can offer short-term relief, but recognising what is triggering the reactions and improving both gut and immune function, dietary intake and detoxification if needed, will enable resolution of allergic reactions.

Find out how!

Weight Loss Specialist

With 63% of Australians now overweight or obese, we need to acknowledge that support is needed. Many people are overwhelmed by overweight issues and find it difficult to get started on a path to recovery. The notion of weight loss being about burning more calories than we eat is a fallacy. Make no mistake, losing body fat comes from eating better quality food.

This is where Merridy can step in. Her experience shows that our biology is actually changed when we become overweight. Hormonal balance is upset, our gut chemistry can alter, brain function and mood can be impacted, chronic fatigue can result, and many other functions of the body can be affected. These functional imbalances can deteriorate into chronic disease states, which are the result of long-term inflammation and pain.

Merridy offers 3 Weight Loss Programs, so you can find one that suits your needs!

Skin Expert

Merridy’s approach to managing skin conditions, from chronic acne, eczema and psoriasis to hives and Roseacea, will always include consideration of the state of the gastrointestinal tract or gut. This is because a poorly functioning gut can be a trigger for many other health issues, such as food intolerances, histamine sensitivity and poor mood. To ignore these related conditions, is to ignore the real causes of the skin problem.

Many people with these symptoms may suffer MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome). This can be treated and resolved when all areas are addressed.

Just applying a cream topically is rarely going to resolve a skin condition. There needs to be a coordinated dietary plan, along with recognising the impact of chemicals or toxins on our hormones, treatment of stress, food allergies, mood disorders and poor sleep.

Improve your skin at last with a comprehensive plan!

Allergy Specialist

Many people nowadays are reactive to certain foods and also have allergies to pollens, grasses and moulds. This reactivity is a real problem and much of it comes down to the over-processing of our food and/or the fact that our immune systems are not what they once were. For example, the flour that is made into bread today is a far cry from what it was like 20 years ago.

Our immune systems suffer an overload of toxins from the environment and what we eat, and from the promotion of sanitising our homes and environments constantly. Merridy’s approach, as a natural health allergist in Adelaide, is to find the cause of the imbalances or allergic reactions and treat them appropriately.

Call now and map your road to recovery!

Professional Association

Merridy is a long-term member of the professional body ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).

What is The Process Like?

Merridy’s professional solutions involve a holistic analysis of what has led to particular health issues developing and she will customize a plan to help the individual achieve a better balance in all areas.  She has numerous clinical success stories to share from her Adelaide clinic

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What does a naturopathic doctor do?
A naturopathic doctor takes the time to listen to the client, assess strategic treatments and to prioritise a path back to better health. A qualified naturopath holds a Degree in Health Sciences or the equivalent thereof. They are trained in the use of nutritional treatments, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral therapeutics, stress management, massage, reflexology, clinical testing and so much more.
Finding a good naturopath in Adelaide
Merridy Casson is one of the best naturopaths in Adelaide as she offers practical, sustainable solutions for the long-term, while providing immediate support for acute conditions. She believes strongly that given the right nutrients, the body will heal itself and it is with this in mind that she seeks to help her clients restore their health. Her treatments include the use of nutritional and herbal medicine and lifestyle recommendations, which help make her solutions achievable and effective.
Why food is medicine?
We often overlook the simplest of solutions when it comes to our health. Optimal health and happiness can be achieved with a clean, wholefood diet which largely avoids processed food. It starts with creating our meals from scratch using healthy fruits and vegetables, clean protein, good omega-3 fats, fibre, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds.

The reasons many people find it difficult to improve their health is that they are derailed by poor food choices and are overwhelmed by media hype. Often better health and more energy are only days away. We don’t need to work hard for 6 months to see and feel improvement. Merridy believes we can attain great health using the power of real food and this is constantly confirmed with her clinical outcomes.

Is naturopathy regulated in Australia?
The simple answer is no, but finding a qualified naturopath who has a strong reputation is highly advised. Checking reviews and feedback from clients regarding health outcomes, will ensure that you select an experienced and reputable naturopath.
How much does it cost to see a naturopath?

Fees and costs involved vary a little from one practitioner to another, but will usually fall in the range of $150 – $400 for a 60-90 minute initial appointment, while follow-up appointments are somewhere between $95 – $200 for 30 minutes.

I completed a 4-week detox and a weight loss program with Merridy as I trusted her to help, educate and guide me with what foods to eat and illuminate from my diet that played a vital role in improving my sense of wellbeing and mood.Happy with my results from completing a detox program, I return to Merridy to help me loose weight that I had gained from not being mobile for several months due to a back injury.Not only had I lost weight but I felt more focused, motivated, energised and happy.
Fotina Karnas
Fotina K.
08:13 26 Sep 21
I approached Merridy initially about symptoms of menopause but she has worked with me holistically to change my diet and toxins and the way I think and approach them. Over 4 months later I have better health, more energy, less symptoms and as a side benefit have lost weight too.
Kate Williams
Kate W.
05:59 11 Aug 21
I have only just started with Merridy in the last 3 weeks, she is very easy to talk to and her recipe are easy and not complicated. I feel heaps better already , I am on the road to a much healthy life.
Christine Butler
Christine B.
08:15 31 May 21
ive know merridy for a few years now and has help me along the way with my health issues and weight loss. highly recommended her if u are looking to improve your life style
Kristy Clarke
Kristy C.
15:12 29 May 21
Chris Duncan
Chris D.
07:06 27 May 21
I started seeing Merridy when I was feeling lower abdominal pains, bloating and getting regular migraines. Visits to the GP and Gynae weren't giving me the answers I was looking for. Merridy had made me feel very comfortable with her kindness, professionalism and knowledge. I am happy to say that I no longer get migraines and have improved on my eating habits. I highly recommend Merridy.
Suzi D
Suzi D
01:43 27 May 21
Merridy helped me with my gut and hormones - my skin cleared up within a few weeks and I was able to eat foods again that I thought I was intolerant to. Fixing these also increased my energy and reduced anxiety! Couldn't recommend Merridy enough.
Kai Sziller-Collins
Kai S.
00:54 27 May 21
Merridy is a very pleasant and easy person to speak to who makes you feel at ease with her caring nature. I had seen many sleep professionals for insomnia prior to seeing Merridy to no avail and after only 2 sessions with Merridy my sleep has greatly improved, cannot believe that I’m getting 8hrs some nights. Also had stomach problems which have also improved . I highly recommend Merridy
Ann D'Apice
Ann D.
23:38 23 May 21
I’ve been to several naturopaths in Adelaide and Merridy is by far and away the best. After struggling with weight loss for much of my life, I have now lost over 30 kilograms and kept it off. It’s been nothing short of life changing. Merridy is compassionate and really takes the time to listen. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.
Jack Newton
Jack N.
11:19 28 Apr 21
I came and saw Merridy as I suffered from constant bloating, nausea and pain. Merridy quickly sent for a test and found out I had SIBO. I have been on a recovery diet and some supplements for around 6 weeks and all my symptoms are gone and I have haven't felt this good in 2 years. Merridy helped so much and listened to what I came to her with
Tara Brigitte
Tara B.
10:09 21 Apr 21
When my son's skin starting flaring up I knew we needed to get to the cause of the problem rather than just treating it topically. I am so grateful that we found Merridy. She is extremely thorough and is very caring and supportive. She explained things in a very understandable way and continued to answer my many questions during the first few weeks of a new nutritional plan combined with supplements. We are so happy with the results in a relatively short amount of time. I've learned so much about healthier yet still delicious ways for the whole family to eat. I cannot recommend Merridy enough, she is a fantastic practitioner who really does care.
Ian Tan
Ian T.
05:50 29 Mar 21
Merridy has changed my life!Unlike other practitioners Merridy really listens and explains things in a way that is easy to understand, she has been able to help me with an array of issues such as gut health, skin, sleep and hormonal imbalances. After the first appointment I walked away with a new treatment plan that really worked.Before meeting Merridy I was constantly fatigued, unbalanced and foggy. Now, thanks to Merridy’s help, I wake up feeling energised and motivated, I never knew I could feel this good. My only regret is not meeting her sooner!Merridy makes you feel extremely comfortable and welcome in her clinic, she is always going above and beyond. I can’t recommend her enough.
01:13 16 Jan 21
Merridy was so helpful in helping me control my urticaria without medication. I can not thank her enough. Every doctor and specialist I went to kept giving me medication to treat the symptoms not the underlying cause. She is very knowledgeable about gut health and women's health which is hard to find. I highly recommend Merridy
Charmaine O'Reilly
Charmaine O.
11:14 09 Jan 21
When I first went to see Merridy I wanted an overall check of my health as I experience anxiety, brain fog, bloat, weight gain and acne. During her consultations she really listened to what I was experiencing and explained medically why I have these symptoms. After 6 weeks of seeing her, taking herbal supplements and following my new diet I lost 5kgs I'm less anxious and my gut health is resolved. I have been so happy with the results so far that I keep seeing Merridy to further better my health.
Ebonie Ragless
Ebonie R.
22:52 08 Dec 20
Merridy is very knowledgeable and has a kind and caring approach. Merridy has helped me immensely with my health goals and I would highly recommend her.
Jaquie Nicole
Jaquie N.
19:55 07 Dec 20
I would recommend Merridy to anyone who wanted to have a fresh start with their health and diet.I went to Merridy with quite a few issues that I wanted looked at and over a 3 month period, I had lost 12 kg as well as feel so much better.I had a lung cancer operation the previous year and felt I needed a complete overhaul as I was feeling very unhealthy and had many allergies, Merridy also found I had mold toxins in my body.Once I changed my diet and these issues were dealt with I felt so much better and also my skin has never been better and clearer.It has been a great investment for me with my overall health.
Robyn Ireland
Robyn I.
06:35 29 Oct 20
I cannot begin to thank Merridy enough. My first consultation with Merridy was on 30th July. Nausea, bloating, cramps, indigestion, GORD, frequent bowel movements were a few of the ailments that plagued me; some for years. GPs had referred me to specialists and I had endured ultrasounds and a CAT scan in attempts to diagnose the causes, without success.Within a fortnight of the introduction of the Allergy and Reactivity Reduction Program, my nausea was diminishing, and completely disappeared after three weeks. There is a new and exciting motivation to my life now; a discipline that had evaded me for years. The sleep program is simple and so effective. I am finding myself yearning for bedtime at 9:00pm, whereas my "normal" bedtime was always after midnight.I appreciate how Merridy is celebrating the positive changes to my health as much as I am!
Diane Evans
Diane E.
07:10 03 Sep 20
Di Evans
Di E.
02:00 03 Sep 20
I went to visit Merridy after having gut pain, bloat, lack of energy & sinus congestion. She recommended a low histamine diet and supplements to help heal my gut, within 3 weeks my symptoms were almost gone! I am so glad I visited & feel much healthier and know how maintain my health! Definitely recommend seeing Merridy!
Kaya Huntley
Kaya H.
00:11 03 Sep 20
I’m so grateful that I found Merridy. Her gut health work is excellent and her 10 day sleep reset actually had me looking forward to getting up in the morning!! With Merridy’s guidance I feel as though a fog has lifted and I’m much more in tune with my body. Would highly recommend Merridy to anyone wanting to increase energy levels and sleep more soundly. Thank you Merridy.
Jenny Davey
Jenny D.
02:38 26 Aug 20
I started to visit Merridy since May this year. I've been suffering from anxiety and sleeping disorder since last July when something traumatic happened to me. After I started the 10 days sleep program and other treatments with Merridy, I could feel the changes. I can fall asleep in a short period of time at nights and wake up less often than I have been. I also become less anxious, less lethargic and brain fog has getting better. I will continue to visit Merridy and I would recommend Merridy if someone is experiencing the same problems.
05:46 30 Jul 20
I have been seeing Merridy for the past 3 months. After a number of years of weight gain, lack of sleep and gut health, Merridy is truly amazing and has the ability to create such a change in your life and promote confidence within you. She is passionate, caring, dedicated and has the knowledge to help people achieve their health goals and her process of bringing out the best in you with such a gentle, nurturing approach. The 10 day sleep reset plan put me on track with my sleep. If you want to move forward with your health Merridy is highly recommended. Thank you for all you’ve done.
Vicki Dunning
Vicki D.
06:37 27 Jul 20
After many failed diets I thought I’d see a nutritionist and with Merridy’s help I not only have lost over 10kg in 3 months but my gut is healed. No more eating the wrong foods causing bloating, pain or weight gain and I feel great!
Annita Voroniansky
Annita V.
03:00 04 May 20
I can highly recommend Merridy as an experienced Naturopath, she is very friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable, in particular regarding the link between healthy gut and overall well-being. Definitely call Merridy if you are looking to improve your general health.
Lisa Sems
Lisa S.
23:37 27 Mar 20
Considering I wasn’t that much overweight when I started my detox (start 59.6kg) I’m thrilled with the amount of fat loss. I did this as my clothes were giving me muffin top & I was undoing top buttons of pants when sitting. Clothes had become very snug. They are now loose. Yipee…!!Along the way though I have enjoyed many other benefits that I didn’t think about at the start.My sleep is great every night.My skin is clear, doesn’t get dry & generally looks brighter.My hair is shinny.My nails are super strong.No more bloating & fluid retention.Energy to burn.Thanks for your support & knowledge Merridy. I’m a much happier me.Joanna
Joanna Dimitri
Joanna D.
23:29 12 Mar 20
Merridy is very thorough with her diagnosis and treatment of your issues and very caring with her advice.
Barry Lloyd
Barry L.
23:34 10 Mar 20
Merridy worked wonders getting my health back on track. I've lost weight, I've improved my mental health and I have a far better idea of what I'm eating and why. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, she's also a lovely lady who I've really enjoyed chatting with on many occasions. I definitely recommend going to see her.
Maggie May
Maggie M.
12:39 10 Mar 20
I visited Merridy following a recommendation from my son. As a 58 year old I just thought I should feel better than I did. Merridy was so thorough and made a lot of sense. She was able to tweak my food and get my gut back in a better place.. I have lots more energy and am a much happier person. I would highly recommend Merridy
Suzie Macauley
Suzie M.
11:18 10 Mar 20
Tayla Willson
Tayla W.
07:09 10 Mar 20
Best decision I ever made.It took me lots of courage to contact Merridy and I got response from her within 24 hrs. I have been trying to lose weights for a while now but I always put on extra after few months instead. I was quite stressed, depressed, worried and bad mental stage at my 1st consultation with Merridy.After our 1st session, I felt Merridy really listens to me, no judgemental and always gives me the advice to look the problem different angles and guides me through the reasons why my body + mind + guts are all in very bad stage. Then she guided me through step by step. Honestly, after our package, I changed a lot of the way how I look at my life, better understanding of my body, eat much better and be happier, more confident in life. I didn't drop much of weight but I lost quite a bit of cm around my abdominal, gain a bit of muscle.
KatyT Thai
KatyT T.
02:11 29 Jan 20
I went to see Merridy last year with a huge range of symptoms including constipation, reflux, food intolerances and Pain. Merridy ordered some tests and I was diagnosed with SIBO. After a comprehensive program of supplements and diet all of my symptoms have gone. Merridy was available for my many questions by phone and email and I felt finally like someone understood. Merridy clearly knows her stuff and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.
Emma Smith
Emma S.
06:51 21 Jan 20
I cannot thank Merridy enough for all her hard work and efforts she has put in to help me. Since my very first appointment with Merridy; I have noticed massive changes to my body and how I was feeling. She doesn’t waste time during sessions and gets to the bottom of things. I never knew I could feel so good, and within just 3 sessions, she has solved all my problems and concerns relating to my body. Merridy should so be proud of her work and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking naturopathic assistance.
isabella melino
isabella M.
00:34 15 Jan 20
If you are looking for Weight Loss/Weight Management then look no further than Merridy Casson. My journey started with the 12 week programme as I wanted to loose weight for my 50th Birthday and with Merridy's knowledge, support and encouragement, I have lost 7% of my body weight, 7.2 kilo of body fat, 12.5 cm off my waist and gained 3% muscle and I feel alive again. Even my whole family enjoy the Keto Meals I prepare for them. Don't hesitate, and ring Merridy now. it will be the best thing you do for yourself.
Kerrie Thomas
Kerrie T.
02:51 14 Jan 20
Merridy has been absolutely wonderful in helping me with my allergy symptoms, eczema and over all health. I have had eczema my whole life and severe allergy conjunctivitis for the past few years, with only short term relief from other medical professionals during this period. Since seeing Merridy and undertaking a low histamine diet, my eyes have improved significantly and my skin has never felt so smooth and eczema free! I highly recommend Merridy and her services.
Elly Gibbons
Elly G.
10:07 30 Sep 19
I would definitely recommend Merridy, she is professional and friendly and always looking out for ways to help with your health. I came in trying to lose 5 kilos which i had tried to lose on various diets to no avail. I have lost almost 4 kilos so far and put on muscle. I have also improved my biomarker by 2 years. Something I wasn't expecting is that my anxiety and depression would be eased on the diet. Merridy suggested I may have a reaction to gluten and I found that after one night eating gluten again, I felt terrible. So I intend to experiment and will probably adopt this way of eating into the future to help me with anxiety and depression. I'm glad I'm seeing someone who looks at your whole health, not just weight loss.
07:35 04 Jul 19
My reason for seeing Merridy was to lose 3 or 4 kg and learn to maintain my weight. I lost 6 kg and 6 cm off my waist, feel fantastic and confident I will be able to maintain this weight. I am 68 and my biological age has gone from 72 to 62 in 10 weeks.I found Merridy very friendly and felt relaxed and comfortable from the first appointment. Merridy provided helpful hints along the way, and there are some lovely recipes on her website.I would highly recommend Merridy’s services.
Ros Rofe
Ros R.
05:36 11 Jun 19
I started seeing Merridy as I wasn't quite feeling right and wanted to get my heavy metals and hormones checked. When the results came back I was high in copper so I tried the detox for 4 weeks. It wasn't too hard to give up coffee, wheat, dairy, alcohol and I tried to eat organic where I could. The first week was the most for the elimination of toxins and after the 4 weeks I had lost 4 kg and felt that my hormones were more balanced. Since doing this I still try to stay away from wheat and cows milk and I have started my own vegie garden as I found it hard to get organic vegetables. It was well worth doing this for the 4 weeks.
Debbie Newman
Debbie N.
11:15 19 Dec 18
I am hoping that's Merridy can fix & help me with issues with IBS since my operation 🤞🤞
Catherine Plush
Catherine P.
22:03 14 Dec 18
Merridy is very knowledgeable, I have had great results with her advice.
Claire Francis
Claire F.
06:01 17 Sep 18
I recently completed my 10 week course with Merridy. She is very professional & also very friendly. I didn’t know what to expect at my 1st visit, but she made me feel very welcome & at ease from the moment I walked into her office. I have MS & she listen to me, and we worked together in what I could & couldn’t eat. Her food suggestions were always planned around me. The same applied to my exercise program she prepared.I would highly recommend Merridy to anyone considering to see a nutritionist. I had to travel from Gawler, but it was well worth the drive to Everard Park.
Kayelene Baker
Kayelene B.
03:40 15 Apr 18
Very happy with my first consultation. Merridy is very knowledgeable, approachable and makes you feel at ease discussing any range of issues. I look forward to becoming healthier and have Merridy support me while i do that.
Miss Miss
Miss M.
22:32 27 Mar 18
I attended my first appointment feeling miserable, old (I’m only 54) , fat, bloated, menopauseal. My list could go on.I needed some direction & encouragement to get my life back.Merridy immediately made me feel comfortable & assured me her services could help. I felt so confident I signed up for a 10 week program.At all of my follow up consultations Merridy was so helpful & made my journey a pleasure.I have totally changed my lifestyle, my diet & my outlook on life.I feel great, look great & im loving life.Do yourself a favour.... ring Merridy today.
Louise Millard
Louise M.
08:47 01 Mar 18
I first started seeing Merridy after a massive flare up of Psoriasis prior to Christmas, wanting to control my symptoms without the need for medication and painful steroidal creams. After extensive discussion detailing my lifestyle, we worked out my potential triggers and went about using a holistic approach, making some changes to my diet and lifestyle.The results to my skin and overall health have been fantastic. Merridy has helped me where other doctors (after many years of treatment) could not. I have also had some other unexpected health benefits from her treatment such as weight loss and improvements to inflammation issues in my ankles and joints.Anyone looking for a knowledgeable and experienced naturopath who is able to show you how to implement natural principles in a practical way, I would highly recommend Merridy’s services.
Luke Andrewartha
Luke A.
02:15 19 Jan 18
I highly recommend seeing Merridy,I didn't know what to expect at my first appointment but Merridy made me feel very comfortable and her simple easy going approach made it easy to understand how to get good results!Highly recommended!!
Simon Pfitzner
Simon P.
03:44 20 Dec 17
I have now completed my 12-Week Weight Loss program I feel fantastic I have lost 9 kilos and gained muscle. I have learnt how to eat better, and this has benefitted the whole family.I would recommend Merridy to anyone who wants to loose weight and feel more energetic without dieting.
Kate Haskey
Kate H.
01:21 09 Jun 17
I saw Merridy on recommendation and found her to be very helpful! Since seeing Merridy my health has improved immensely, I've lost weight and I feel better than ever before.
Milja Perac
Milja P.
03:00 08 Jun 17

About Me

As an experienced and leading Adelaide naturopath in South Australia, Merridy Casson has a unique functional medicine approach which revolves around identifying the underlying cause of her client’s health concerns or disease. Whether it relates to gut health, fatigue, skin complaints, sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalances, mental health, toxins, losing weight or dietary issues, Merridy works hard to pinpoint the reasons for poor health. Her treatment plans are simple, effective and customised to the individual. Her goal is to assist her clients to regain wellness and optimise their health using herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle interventions through her natural health approach.

As a naturopathic doctor Merridy is at all times both professional and approachable. If further medical testing is required, she will recommend appropriate tests as needed. She also offers a number of tests in her clinic, which are available as required.

Find out how Naturopathy can help you

Making an Appointment

Merridy’s initial one-hour consultation enables her to gather a sound history of her client’s health and to construct a treatment plan for the client to follow. If subsequent follow up appointments and support are required, they will generally be 30 minutes in length.

Fees and charges for her services are fair and comparable with most naturopaths in Adelaide. Her many reviews of her services highlight her successful treatments and healthy outcomes.



Merridy Casson consults weekly in her health clinic, but also consults online with her many clients located in regional South Australia and also interstate. Recently her online community has expanded overseas as well.

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