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Good health begins in the Gut

Suffering from any of the signs above reflects a digestive system that is malfunctioning. In other words, your food is not being well digested & absorbed, the nutrients won’t be firing up energy production in your cells and toxins will be accumulating in your bloodstream and impacting on the health of all of your organs.

With a malfunctioning digestive system comes a host of other common complaints such as skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis, frequent headaches & migraines, lethargy and low energy levels, poor concentration, brain fog and forgetfulness. These may seem like small, niggling issues on their own, but they are early signs of something more sinister at work, the process of inflammation. This is the root cause of many of our chronic disease states and it needs attention.

Causes of gut Inflammation

There are many and varied reasons, some of which may include:

  1. Travelling overseas and picking up a bacterial overgrowth or yeast infection and subsequently feeling unwell for some time.
  2. Food intolerances, chemical sensitivities or allergies.
  3. Emotional stress, anxiety and poor mood can affect the gut and vice versa.
  4. Poor food choices and eating habits, when, how and what we eat, and the impact this has on our good gut bacteria.
  5. Lifestyle choices – what we do on a regular basis is what drives our state of health, eg. alcohol every night, 5 hours of interrupted sleep daily, being sedentary most days, being plugged in to electronic devices constantly.
  6. Recreational drugs such as caffeine, tobacco and alcohol act as stimulants to provide energy kicks through the day.
  7. Sleep deprivation ruins our hormones, increases fat storage, impacts our vitality and energy and affects our mood.
  8. Heavy metal toxicity, ie. job-related or environmental toxicity can be debilitating. For example, high levels of mercury can have huge impact on energy levels and general health.
  9. The use of harsh cleaning products, antiperspirants with aluminium, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals found in personal care items, paints, solvents, hair products and make-up, all add to our toxic load regularly.


By identifying the likely causes of gut signs and symptoms and with some modifications to diet and lifestyle factors, huge improvements in gut health can be noticed relatively quickly.

Customised nutritional plans can help people back on the road to recovery.

Specialised testing can assist in the diagnosis of certain conditions so that an appropriate treatment plan can be designed and implemented.

Often a well-designed Detox Program can bring great results to the gut and immune system over a few weeks, such as improved sleep & energy, skin condition, more settled gut behaviour and positive attitude because the individual now feels recharged and re-energised! 

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