3 Ways to Turn Back the Clock



Nothing ages a person more than a stooped posture and diminishing strength, ie. muscle wasting. Some side-effects of ageing include: decreased muscle mass and strength, limited mobility, reduced aerobic capacity, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, increased susceptibility to diabetes, and there is now clear evidence of the link between sedentary lifestyle and  memory loss. Both a sedentary lifestyle & poor food choices can be responsible for many of these changes.

3 Ways to Turn Back the Clock now:

  1. Put down the remote and pick up the weights! … Weight-bearing exercise 3-4 times a week helps build muscle strength, increases muscle tone or mass, builds bone density, increases mobility and improves both heart & cognitive function. It’s never too late to start – walk taller today! 
  2. Avoid skipping meals and/or short-cutting meals with poor alternatives.  …Improving dietary choices is important for providing the energy needed to perform exercise and recover adequately afterwards. If food intake is well-timed around daily exercise, you will discover the energy you never knew you had. Walk more energetically today!
  3. Weight training is great exercise for the brain as well as the body! … Lifting weights helps improve cognitive function by stimulating mental focus while performing the exercises. Walk with purpose and remember where you are going today!


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