Junk Food

Processed foods may be convenient and sometimes cheaper, but don’t underestimate how they can damage our health in the long-run.

5 easy steps, to wean yourself off refined, processed foods:

  1. Read labels carefully – look for real ingredients; no additives, colours or artificial anything; if you can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it is, don’t buy it.
  2. Enjoy genuine flavours – avoid foods with high amounts of added fats, sugar and salt. They can be addictive, especially sugar-based foods.
  3. Relish what is on your plate – cook clean foods (from fresh raw ingredients) and take the time to savour the flavour! Many of us rush through our meals and neither appreciate what we are eating, nor digest it properly.
  4. Allow your palate time to change – when you eat less processed foods, you will gradually lose your taste for very sweet or salty foods.
  5. Treat yourself by not skipping meals – try some tasty home-made snacks (eg. Cashew Nut Protein Balls, Seeded Crackers with Parmesan) and enjoy a nibble on them between your nourishing meals.