Daily Stress Management Tips for the Daily Routine



Stress is a natural, evolutionary body response. We instinctively react to stress in life with a fight, flight or freeze type of reaction. It may be an acute stressful event, such as an exam or public speaking, or it may be the ongoing challenge of raising kids, the daily commute or financial pressures. Your body will still have a response, even if you do not feel like you?re stressed. You don?t have to be ripping your hair out to be suffering from the effects of stress.

Symptoms of Stress

Symptoms of acute, current stress include: Low energy, difficulty sleeping, poor memory and concentration, mood changes and digestive disturbances. Long-term stress may lead to hormonal and thyroid imbalances, obesity and a weakened immune system.

Stress can be both a cause and a consequence of ill health which is why it is so important to deal with your stress now. Not only will you feel better now, but it will benefit your health in the future.

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Stress Busting Diet and Lifestyle Tips


Control your stress levels with these simple daily strategies:

  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugary foods
  • Enjoy exercise and physical activity
  • Engage in activities that make you happy
  • Enjoy a small amount of dark chocolate
  • Try meditation ? deep and conscious breathing calms your nervous system.


Specific nutrients can help reduce stress


Even if you don?t think of yourself as stressed, consider whether or not your body, mind and soul need a little more nurturing and nourishment. You may already feel quite resilient, but with any type of stress, your body may have an increased need for supportive nutrients.

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