Is a detox really necessary?

Over 20 years of clinical experience has confirmed for me that a large portion of the population regularly suffers from annoying symptoms such as headaches, excessive wind, bloat, fatigue, foggy brain, sore muscles & joints and constipation or diarrhoea (or both). While these are seen as niggly complaints and are common among sufferers, they are not normal in a healthy person. Added to this list are a host of autoimmune disorders that are now becoming more widespread among the broader population, such as migraines, irritable bowel (IBS), reflux, acne & psoriasis, asthma and arthritis.

The word ‘detox’ has often been misrepresented in the media as some kind of hoodoo treatment involving strange concoctions, starvation diets, juice fasts, running to the bathroom all day and suffering a whole range of uncomfortable reactions. This could be no further from the truth.

Importance of a Detox

A detox is not a fad. Our bodies carry out this process automatically every day. The problem with our world today is that we are in constant contact with pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals, Genetically Modified Organisms, personal care and make-up items full of chemicals, strong chemical household cleaners, xenoestrogens found in plastics and many other highly toxic elements. These toxins impact directly on our gut lining when they enter our digestive tract in food. Other toxins are absorbed via the skin and lungs, making it difficult for us to keep them at bay.

Because of this onslaught, we have largely lost the ability to detoxify naturally and do it well. Fortunately, we have nutrients that can help us do this more effectively and provide support to our enzymes to help break down toxins better. Anyone who experiences adverse reactions while detoxing may be suffering from major digestive issues already. For example, people with heavy metal toxicity would be wise to work on a controlled clearance of these first. A Naturopath can help the individual prepare correctly for the detox, so they experience little to no reactions along the way and can largely go about their normal daily activities while on a program. Avoid do-it-yourself kits as they are not customised and fail to address the individual’s needs.

My detox programs are scientifically backed and individually designed. They all involve the removal of highly refined, processed carbohydrates and added sugars. Sugars are replaced with fresh organic vegetables, fruit and other high fibre plant-based foods that will boost your health and wellbeing. Add in some high-quality clean protein and good omega-3 fats and it’s a recipe for healing, restoring energy and creating better health!

Benefits of a Detox:

It’s not quite as simple as eating less and exercising more. Many factors combine to halt the process. But the biggest culprit by far is sugar. This includes refined, processed carbohydrates like cereals, bread, pasta, biscuits & crackers, cakes, pastries and other flour-based goods. It also includes added sugars such as in soft drinks, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, honey, table sugar and maple syrup, etc. Here is the reality – refined sugar is addictive. It causes a spike in insulin and inflammation every time it is eaten. This encourages the body to store belly fat and stops you from feeling full. When you detoxify, you eliminate sugar and break this nasty cycle. Did you know that if you detox with a friend chances are you will drop more weight than going it alone!

Experts exist in the food industry to design processed foods that encourage cravings and addictive eating so that they can sell more product. It’s true, we are taken hostage by processed, refined foods because they impact on our hormone production, brain chemistry, metabolism and even our taste buds. It is not our poor willpower that lets us down. Sugar has been found to be eight times more addictive than cocaine. A detox will release you from the addictive clutches of sugar and over-processed refined, palatable food-like substances that are making us sick.

A customised detox program will help identify and eliminate foods you may be reacting to, resulting in inflammation and other symptoms. Dairy and gluten are two of the most common and also most harmful food sensitivities. Many people don’t realise that they are sensitive to or intolerant of these often for many years. When they are removed from the diet, the gut can heal given the right nutrients and foods.

During a detox, two of the most often reported benefits are improved sleep and increased energy & vitality. This is a wonderful experience and the reasons I come back for a detox reset each year. Feeling great is really only a few days away.

The best way to swap the daily experiences of low energy, poor sleep and energy-draining foods is to reset your life with a detox. Without toxins like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, flour and processed foods, taking steps towards better health is easy. With simple and delicious foods, dedicating 7-8 hours a night for quality sleep, some regular exercise and practicing relaxation, your mind and body can reboot and you can very quickly begin to feel great again!

Mood disorders in men and women can stem from sugar overload, smoking, drinking alcohol, exposure to toxins and chronic stress. So it stands to reason that when you detox, you remove the culprits that create hormonal imbalances (including our sex hormones) and impact on your metabolism.

Once you have experienced how it is to feel great again, get rid of cravings, joint pain, excess weight and other more chronic problems, you will then reap the full benefits of a detox and understand why people come back for more!

There are many more benefits to doing a detox. Check my detox reviews and see for yourself.

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