Sugar Tax or Fix the Sugar Cravings?



Australian teenage boys now consume on average more than 38 tsp of sugar per day. Over half of the Australian population consumes more sugar than the daily recommendation of the World Health Organisation, which is less than 13 tsp of sugar per day.  Most of it is coming from sugary drinks and processed food.

Public health campaigners are calling for the introduction of a sugar tax, beginning with a 20% tax on soft drinks.

My question is … why don’t we fix the sugar cravings? This will create a snowball effect in reducing waistlines & body fat, while at the same time reducing the risk of diabetes.


  1. Eat more protein throughout the day, combined with some low GI carbohydrates & good fats
  2. Reduce intake of processed refined carbohydrates, eg. cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta, rice, sweets, chocolate, soft drinks, artificial & natural sweeteners, alcohol 
  3. Choose nourishing & sustaining foods most of the time, eg. lean protein, fruit & vegetables, nuts & seeds, legumes & lentils/beans
  4. Cook with herbs & spices
  5. A sour taste can reduce cravings: half an hour before a meal, mix some lemon juice with chia seeds and glutamine powder. Drink.
  6. Nutritional supplements containing chromium and/or gymnema can help dampen and reduce cravings quickly.

Prevention is better than cure. Don’t let sugar cravings control your life and bite into your pocket if the sugar tax comes in!


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